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Shipping/Mailing Envelopes—“They’re not all the same. ”
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Shipping/Mailing Envelopes—“They’re not all the same. ”
You’ll easily discover that the Metallic Bubble Mailers size and dimension measurements tend to vary from the standard Kraft Bubble Mailer version.

Due to the innovation of the e-commerce market, the virtual store has been a huge plus for many long time established retailers and an even greater opportunity for up and coming entrepreneurs. As a result, those who could never conceive the idea of owning their own business because of factors such as lack of funding, have now dreamed the American Dream through this e-commerce reality. In the same regards, consumers have conveniently benefited from the “click of the mouse,” by saving time and gas, thus eliminating the need to shop at a physical store location. Unfortunately, however, with great convenience comes higher confusion and not all online vendors are truly concerned about customer satisfaction over profit increase. Consequently, such vendors have found it easier to hide behind the “curtain of cyberspace” and ship, delay, scam and mislead customers who’d likely never have a face to face discussion with them. Similarly proper ethics are compromised, products are faulty and service is outright deceiving. Therefore, it’s my intention to educate you about a high priority product that is essential for e-commerce growth called Shipping/Mailing Envelopes. This article is designed to enlighten you about what to expect, tips on enhancing your purchasing knowledge and lastly “how they’re not all the same”!

Awareness Factor 1

When attempting to purchase premium brand Poly Mailers, Returnable Poly Mailers or Poly Bubble Mailers, it’s imperative that the seal strip operates accurately. If not, it’s obvious that the products you’ll be shipping will become damaged or stolen during transit. Another factor is this, if the online vendor you’re determining to purchase from is not moving mailers regularly, what tends to occur is that the adhesive strip becomes faulty and dry rotten. Conversely, what’s helpful to know is that not all seal strips will immediately stick strongly after their initially attached; the higher the adhesive the longer the absorption is delayed. However, after a few minutes have passed you’d almost need to pry the package open to retrieve the goods that are enclosed. This type of functioning is usually a tell tell sign of premium sufficiency.

Awareness Factor 2

Contrary to what some customer service reps will tell you, it’s important to first test the size of the mailer to see it it’s applicable for your needs. The reason being, you’ll easily discover that the Metallic Bubble Mailers size and dimension measurements tend to vary from the standard Kraft Bubble Mailer version. In turn, it’s vital that you sample the size of the mailer so that you’re aware of the way your product will or will not fit according to the measurements. Henceforth, due to the variations in interior bubble cushioning, your packaging objectives could be affected.

Awareness Factor 3

Being able to attach promotional, shipment codes or descriptive labels to the exterior of these mailers is essential. Also, if you are arranging to add custom printing to your mailers, true gauge thickness is necessary. For Poly Mailers, the standard mil thickness is 2.5, so be aware of what your actually purchasing. If you ordered 3.0 mil thickness and it’s not, unfortunately you would have paid more for a less stronger version.

In conclusion, there are countless stories of poor choice purchasing experiences through online shopping. If anything, this article is designed to help you understand what not to do. Yet, I’m unfortunately confident that there are a numerous testimonials that can aid in helping many others avoid the pitfalls of misleading vendors. Without exposing certain company’s names, I’d like you to comment on your purchasing history regarding Shipping/Mailing Envelopes. Information that’ll help increase buying knowledge will in turn hold vendors accountable for producing better quality product.

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