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Abortion pill is the most sought option to end unplanned pregnancy.

Abortion pill is a drug which is recommended for the termination of pregnancy. There are few abortion pills like Cytotec, RU486, and Mifeprex which are approved by FDA of U. S.

What is abortion pill?

Abortion pill is a drug which is recommended for the termination of pregnancy.  There are few abortion pills like Cytotec, RU486, and Mifeprex which are approved by FDA of U.S. These abortion pills have proven their efficacy from 95% to 97% in terms of abortion.  These pills are excellent substitute to aspiration abortion.  Termination of pregnancy done with the help of an abortion pills are also recognized as medical abortion.  Foremost benefit that you get due to medical abortion is ability to end the pregnancy by being at home. Many women are still unaware about how to purchase this drug, thus due to lack of knowledge about resources many women loses their lives therefore to buy abortion pills online is the most convenient option ever.

Why shall I prefer abortion pill?

Whether you shall prefer abortion pill or not is completely your decision to end an unplanned pregnancy.  Both methods will lead you to the destiny. Abortion pill is widely talked about method because of few advantages for example it gives you total control over your body and if you follow appropriate schedule it will induce an abortion very smoothly. There are few side-effects but that can be tolerated. It is the most convenient option for rectifying unforgivable human error. In one of the market survey women were asked about their choice of method for abortion and majority of the women went for abortion pill i.e. medical abortion instead of surgical abortion.  If you are thoroughly convinced about medical abortion then feel free to obtain abortion pill buy online without any worries.

What is the mechanism of abortion pill?

Mechanism of abortion pill is certainly simple to understand and if you are planning to buy an abortion pill for the termination of pregnancy then it is your right to understand the exact mechanism of action. There are two drugs which are responsible for abortion viz. Mifepristone and Misoprostol. Mifepristone is a drug which acts against progesterone hormone, this is a drug which destroys internal lining of the uterine on the contrary misoprostol is a drug which shrinks the size of uterine and expels a tissue out of womb in the form of ball size blood clot. This is how both these drugs play vital role to end an unwanted pregnancy.

Who shall take abortion pill?

If you are not sure about your decision regarding abortion then you shall not take abortion pill. If your pregnancy is verified then you are free to obtain medical abortion option to end the pregnancy. If your pregnancy has been detected as out of womb pregnancy then you are not eligible to end pregnancy with the help of abortion pill. If you are above 18 years old then you may think to go for medical abortion else it is better to seek doctor’s advice. 

What are the side-effects of abortion pill?

If you observe few symptoms after consuming Mifepristone or Misoprostol such as nausea, dizziness, vomiting and cramps then you will have to endure them till the completion of the process. Once the abortion is done all these symptoms will end.

What are the essential precautions?

You are requested to take few important precautions like not to store a drug at a place where it can be accessed by children or other family members. If you are a nursing mother then do not take this drug it may affect your baby’s health. Do not indulge in smoking or drinking during the process. Do not take another heavy drug along with Mifepristone and misoprostol. Please follow proper schedule for better result. If you are allergic towards the content then please refrain to use it. Do not cut or split a tablet. If you miss a particular dose then you are supposed to take it as long as you remember but if time is close to your next schedule then do not take a overdose to compensate missed dosage.

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