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Want to Drink Georgette’s Coffee at Home? Here Are Our Favorite Flavors
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Georgette’s warms your heart & your belly with our great coffee. As a proud part of Sunshine Communities, we support people with developmental disabilities as they live their lives on their own terms.

Georgette’s warms your heart and your belly with our great coffee. As a proud part of Sunshine Communities, we support people with developmental disabilities as they live their lives on their own terms. We have a large, varied, and delicious menu. We serve fifteen different roasts of coffee. Each brew is roasted locally and prepared fresh every day. The fresh quality of the roast ensures that each brew is poured with maximum body and aroma. A Georgette’s cup of coffee isn’t just coffee--it’s brewed with love. If you can’t stop into Georgette’s every day, but you still want a delicious cup of fair trade coffee in Maumee, we are now selling beans for you to brew at home! Here are six of our most popular flavors. Which one is for you?


    African Safari

Our African Safari is a light to medium roast made with Ethiopian beans. It has a very unique taste and profile. Do you like a fruity taste in your coffee?  African Safari has peach and blueberry undertones. Unsure about that? If you’re curious and you’d like to try it before you grab a bag of beans, get a cup at Georgette’s!


    Mexican Blend


The Mexican Blend is lightly roasted and mild. It is less acidic than darker roast coffee, and may be better suited for you if your stomach is easily upset. We serve all of our coffee in 12 oz, 16 oz, and 20 oz size options, so if you like or love this coffee, we have the perfect size for your mood!


    Latin Lover’s Decaf

 Do you love the coffee taste but are trying to go to bed at a reasonable hour? Cutting down on your caffeine intake? Try our Latin Lover’s Decaf brew. This is a blend of Columbian, Brazilian, and Mexican beans. It is a medium roast, and is decaffeinated, so you can sip guilt-free without bouncing off the walls.


    Sumatra Blend

Our Sumatra blend is not for the faint of heart--it is a full-bodied, darkly roasted coffee. If you love black coffee, and pride yourself on being able to drink the strongest stuff, give this one a try. This blend gets its name from the beans’ source, the Indonesian island of Sumatra. Like the Sumatran tiger, this coffee has got quite a bite! But we love it anyway.


    Roy’s Rare Roast

Named after Roy Engler, Georgette’s husband, this blend of Costa Rican, Ethiopian, and Sumatran beans is the perfect pick me up. This is a medium to dark roast, with the Sumatran beans supporting the deep flavor and body of the blend. If you’re interested in learning more about Roy and Georgette Engler, check out the “Our Story” portion of the website!


    Georgette’s Sunrise Special

Last but not least, we have Georgette’s Sunrise Special! This is our famous house blend. This mix of Nicaraguan, Columbian, and Ethiopian beans is lightly roasted. This blend is named in honor of our founder, and so is Georgette’s Cafe! Adding some creamer will make this coffee just as sweet as Mrs. Georgette Engler.


These are our six most popular blends, but tastes change with time! Stop into Georgette’s and see what we’re brewing for you today.


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