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Steele Pointe Gallery & Frame Studio

Welcome to the Steele Pointe Art Gallery, Art Brokerage and Custom Frame Studio home to an array of known and emerging artists.
Address815 N Limestone St Springfield, OH 45503-3609
Phone(937) 322-0400
Please accept our apologies... the Gallery's website is in constant flux as new artists and artworks are added on or taken off... so what you see here today may not be here tomorrow... and, what you didn't see yesterday may have been added this morning. So, if you are interested in or just curious about a particular artist or work of art, please call us now ... we talk art 12 hours a day, 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m... and, sometimes later!
Use these numbers...937.322.0400 (gallery) and 937.284.2472 (business cell)

New Featured Art added 05/16/09 *Special Note... we like to draw your attention to the gallery of Kendra Baird (listed within our Artists section) Kendra has several very fine works currently on sale. ●● ●●● ●●
See Featured Art images in Featured Art section

Welcome to our celebration of Art and the Artistry of Presentation. You have arrived at the home page of the Steele Pointe Art Gallery, Art Brokerage and Custom Frame Studio of Springfield, Ohio... we are very honored to have you visit us !
Before you explore the site please take a moment to read through this initial page. And if you would like to learn a little more about the gallery and its owners, please use this link to jump to our About Us page.
This website is built on a concept of simplicity... we want you to quickly understand what we have to offer, and, we want you to be able to quickly and efficiently move between pages and artists... you will find no flashy blinkie things, no talking avatars, no videos and no slide shows... just a simple gallery presentation of the work of a group of very talented regional, national and international artists.
Just as a quick footnote to the images you are seeing here of your gallery... because of a serious illness last year we are slowly work our way out of the responsibilities associated with maintaining a physical gallery. Once this is completed... which seems to be yet far off... we will be concentrating our energies and our focus on a major expansion of this website and on the identification of artists and art forms which appeal to your need for variety, uniqueness and quality. While our wall space is very limited here at the gallery, our on-line "wall space" is virtually unlimited. Both known and lesser known artists are presented here for your viewing pleasure and, of course, for an opportunity to purchase their work. A small grouping of local and regional artists - approximately thirty - have access to the walls of our physical gallery. What hangs on our walls or stands on our floor represents only a very small sampling of the artist's work... the great preponderance of their artwork remains at their homes and studios... only the on-line gallery is able to provide the widest presentation of their work. Our artists have given us permission to offer both their original and limited edition works of art. Since the Steele Pointe Art Gallery does not have inventory control over these works of art, it is an absolute must that you call us regarding the work's availability and current price. (937.322.0400 or 937.284.2472)

● we believe that by keeping the gallery's share to a minimum, we can offer the buyer a better price
● we believe that in offering a mixture of known and lesser known artists, the known artists help to create exposure for talented emerging artists
● we believe in a win-win-win environment for our artists, buyers and gallery

Contrary to the practices of many galleries, it is out personal belief that the artist is entitled to the greatest preponderance of the money generated by the sale of their art. One of the things you will have learned from our About Us page is that we are retired and are not in the business to create personal wealth... we're in it because it's a fun thing for us to do and because we thoroughly enjoy getting to know our artists and watching them explore their creative talents. In our eyes, the Gallery need only to generate a sufficient flow of funding for maintaining the Gallery and for allowing us to discovering new artists on your behalf.
We think we can offer our artists' work to you at a savings, while at the same time generating more income for the artist. The how's and why's are petty simple... most galleries like the ones you probably have in your town offer the artist's work to you at a marked-up which allows the gallery to collect 45% or more from the sale and still provide the artist with a return on his work. The Steele Pointe Art Gallery and the Steele Pointe Art Brokerage asks only 25% from its artists which allows the artist to keeps the mark-ups down... and, on higher end works, the percentage may drop to as low as 10%. The savvy buyer may see this as an opportunity, especially with the more well known national artists, to "negotiate" a better deal which ends up costing them less while generating more income for the artist.
Eventually, when we sell the physical gallery we will be forced to offer less framing... but, we think that our premier lines - A.P.F. Munn, Larson-Juhl Concerto and The House of Mercier - will remain available. We are currently in the process of generating more information on framing opportunities... until all the work is done, what you find on our "framing" pages is information regarding ready-made frames selected from the Larson Juhl and Nielsen moulding lines. We can have frames from any of our lines (Larson-Juhl, A.P.F. Munn, House of Mercier, Larson-Juhl Concerto, and Nielsen) cut, joined and sent to you at a savings... your local framer can complete the assembly.
Let me add one more dimension to what I've said above... we're not above approaching artists whose art you have seen in high-priced galleries and asking them to allow you to purchase their art through our gallery. Why would we do this ?... because we believe in a better price for you and more income for our artists. If you should chose to take advantage of this offer be 100% sure that you intend to purchase the artwork you are asking us to inquire about... and that you are willing to allow the artist sufficient time to tactfully remove the art from the gallery in which it is currently on display. There are no guarantees that the artist will agree to this offer, but we are certainly willing and able to negotiate a favorable agreement that the artist may being willing to accept.

Home Page... that's where we are right now, it's a general overview and source of information we think you might need to know up front.

Services Page... this is where you go to learn the extent of our offerings (i.e. art sales, art brokerage, framing, restoration, consignments, etc.)

Artists Page... this is where you go to see our listing of Artists and Art Publishing Houses, for the Artists (who currently have established galleries on this site) this is where you will see an artist's picture plus two to five thumbnailed examples of their work... the artists are not listed alphabetically for a reason... as you look for that established, more well-known artists you will also be looking over the artwork of our lesser known, yet very talented emerging artists, and, you just might stop to look at their galleries, as well. Each of the artists - at the artist's name - is linked to their own on-site gallery on this website Below the list of artists is a listing of the Art Publishing Houses and a link to their on-site sample gallery and a secondary link to the company websites. Additionally, in many cases, the individual artists' websites have a link between our gallery and theirs.

Galleries Page... this page includes a series of sub-links to our on-site galleries for consigned art from estates, etc., frame-able rarities which have been collected by the Gallery, and prints and originals owned by the Gallery. This is where you will find a number of more valuable pieces from artists such as Robert Wood, Percy Moran and John Friedlinger.

Featured Art and Artists... on this page you will find a second listing of our artists that we think have exceptional talent, and whose art is moving out of the "emerging artist" phase... these are artists whose art may be more valuable in the near future. Also, on this page you will see new works being offered by exceptional artists within the Art Publishing Houses... these artists are artists whose works (limited editions and originals) normally "sell out" quickly and re-emerge in the secondary art market at premium prices.

Art and Framing News Page... this section is, as mentioned above, being developed. There is a substantial offering of Ready Made Frames in standard sizes. More information on the entire Larson-Juhl, A.P.F. Munn, House of Mercier, and Nielsen lines will follow.

Framing and Accessories Page... this section is in the process of being developed... like the Artists Page, this page will highlight and offer classic moulding, framing options, and accessories "extras". These "extras" will include the entire line of leather-wrapped frames, box, furniture, etc, being offered by the House of Mercier's extraordinarily talent Peruvian leather craftsmen, as well as, wonderful and unusual things we find during our travels. This section will probably be re-named at a later date as the non-moulding, non-framing, and non-accessory lists expand... anyone interested in a really cool and exceptionally safe tornado shelter ?

Shows and Events... this page will eventual list out the shows and events in which our artists are participating... but, we are not at a point, yet, where we can begin putting this list together.

Glossary Page... this section is an alphabetical listing of common and not-so-common art-related terms... everyone know what a "giclee" is ?

Links Page... the "links" page will eventual be the catch-all for hyper-links to related and semi-related art sites... however, at the moment, all our "links" are embedded in other pages, such as the Artists' galleries.

Sub-Web Gateway... the sub-web gateway will eventually be a place where password controlled access will allow communications between the Gallery and a limited group of clients and business entities... such as, a place where a governmental buying agency can go to see specific items at government pricing.

At a time in the future when our facility is sold and we receive an art order from you, your purchase will be shipped to you directly from the artist and craftsmen associated with the gallery. You have our assurance that every artist and every owner/craftsman providing goods and services for the Steele Pointe Art Gallery is personally known to us and is reputable... we stake our reputation on it. Secondary market sales will continue to be handled personally by Rita and I... all items will pass through us for inspection and accuracy of description before being shipped to you.
Here is information about PURCHASING items from the Gallery that we suggested that you read... this has been put together an anticipation of the changes.
Please take the time to enjoy our artists' personal galleries (Artists) and the links to their websites, where and when applicable. We believe you will also enjoy the items found in the specialized galleries (Galleries) which have been created to display and offer Gallery-owned art, rarities and art-related items consigned to the gallery for sale. If you have questions, please don't hesitate to call or email us for additional information.
This site is about art, artists and framing... it's about creative, insightful people (both near-at-hand and far away) whose art rightfully deserves recognition. If we strayed from this purpose, or, if our goal of creating a simple and user-friendly website has not been met, please let us know. All comments, suggestions and in-sights are welcome.
We hope that you enjoy this site!

(Note: The Steele Pointe Art Gallery and Art Brokerage (Steele Pointe, Ltd.) strongly encourages in-person inspection of items by the buyer. Statements made by the Gallery regarding the condition of objects are for guidance only and should not be relied upon as statements of fact and do not constitute a representation, warranty, or assumption of liability by Steele Pointe, Ltd.. All items offered are sold "AS IS".)


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