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Centerville Child Development Center

Centerville Child Development Center offers quality childcare. Daycare and preschool are available at Centerville Child Development Center.
Address8095 Garnet Centerville, OH 45458-2140
Phone(937) 528-1719
Summer camp is over and classes are beginning. Last year's Challengers are now Kindergarteners at Primary Village North and South. The love riding the bus every day to and from school.
Our Eagles Pre-K has begun with morning only preschoolers ready to learn! The new Challengers, Navigators, and Trailblazers have started lessons in their new classrooms and all share the excitement of a new school year.

For students enrolled in a pre-kindergarten program at CCDC on a part-day or full-day basis, teachers collect work samples and make observations about learning tendencies during Fall Quarter. They tailor lesson plans Winter Quarter to include differentiated instruction to meet the learning needs of individual students. Teachers continue to introduce concepts in Circle Time to the entire class and at Teacher Table for small flexible groupings of students to meet the various levels of learning. Progress is noted as each student applies learning and learning tools at the Independent Table. A summary of progress is provided to each family in a conference mid-January to

For students who will be five years old by the end of September of the following year, an individualized Kindergarten Assessment is administered by the classroom teacher.

o Readiness skills in language arts and math are assessed outside the classroom while the student completes hands-on activities with the teacher.

o Fine motor skills are assessed while the student completes tracing, printing, art, and cutting activities.

o Knowledge of personal information such as birth date, complete address including zip code, and phone number is evaluated.

o The classroom teacher takes notes as to how each student approaches tasks, what type of clarification is required, and the level of independence and accuracy of responses.

In a meeting with the Executive Director, the classroom teacher reviews information for each student gathered from the Kindergarten Assessment, the

Pre-Kindergarten mid-year Progress Report, and archival information from the student file. A Kindergarten Recommendation Letter is written to parents based on the data collected from observations, work samples, conferences, and assessments. The letter contains summaries in each of the areas needed to be successful in kindergarten. Based on each student’s progress mid-year, the Executive Director and classroom teacher make a written recommendation for placement in a traditional kindergarten program, in a traditional kindergarten program with specific support in one or more areas of development, in a developmental kindergarten or Young 5 kindergarten program, or to continue another year in a pre-kindergarten curriculum program.

CCDC provides a copy of the recommendation to the child’s kindergarten program at enrollment time by the beginning of March after receiving written permission from the parent. Teachers use the remaining months of school to strengthen areas identified in the Kindergarten Assessment and to challenge areas of competence. Adjustments to recommendations may be made as necessary by the end of the year.

It gets to be a rush this time of year, running from work to CCDC to home to practice. We can help. Let us know if you would like dinner to be served to your athlete prior to practice. Please make prior arrangements with your homeroom teacher. Meals can be stored with the lunches or in one of our freezers. We will have he or she fed, changed, and ready to go straight to practice or games.

In my never ending quest to go paperless, we are now ordering Scholastic Books electronically. Order forms will be passed out the first week of each month, the deadline will be the last Friday of each month. I have been to the book site and it is easy to use. Make sure you identify the order form you are using; this month’s edition is “Spring Gift Books”. Our user name is CCDCReads and our password is BookOrders. The user name and password are case sensitive.
The Annual Blue Ribbon Day at Stubbs Amphitheater was a huge success. Over 200 parents and relatives came to watch the student perform. Most remained for the picnic afterwards
Wildcats build a volcano for the Young Scientist Program.

Is this real? An igloo in the Jackrabbits Class! Goes with the weather.
Thanksgiving was celebrated by the students and parents. Pot luck lunches were served in many of the classrooms.

Congratulations to the staff at CCDC. Another perfect inspection by the ODJFS. The quality of your work and attention to detail are reflected in the great scores we have received over the years. To see our inspection report visit
The teachers can't wait to be part of the act.

Parents and children enjoy the Ice Cream social in the shade at Centerville Child Development Center.

Lea Craine visited our school this month. Lea brought her Book of Fun, an interactive story telling adventure to CCDC.

Cara Zinski from Fox 45 ABC 22 News interviewed the Jackrabbits for a story she is working on. Cara asked the students questions kids might ask their doctor.

The Jackrabbits asked: Why does my skin get wrinkly in the tub? Why do some people have an outey and I have an inney? Why do I get a brain freeze and why do we get goose bumps?

The Trailblazers meet with Clifford from the book fair. A couple of Wildcats help Clifford read a book to the class.

Officer Matt pays a visit to the Challengers and talked about his job during Community Helpers Week at Centerville Child Development Center.

When the Amazing Maxwell Magic Show visits Centerville Child Development Center magic is everywhere. Maxwell turned Ms Laura into the Amazing Laura!

School age students enjoyed craft night this December. Children made special holiday ornaments, gifts and toys for the season. Every year Centerville Child Development Center hosts a craft night for school age students. Parents enjoy the night off or do some shopping while the children make holiday crafts.

CCDC Closings or delays will be announced on Channel 7 TV, K99.1 FM radio, and/or 95.7, 95.3 Classic Hits and 1290 WHIO a.m. radio. The best way for all updated closings is to watch Channel 7 TV because all closings scroll at the bottom of the screen in alphabetical order. When Centerville Schools are closed, Eagles are closed and our vans do not run but CCDC is OPEN unless otherwise announced.

Our best advertising is word of mouth. If you know a family in need of child care refer them to us! If they enroll full time the referral fee is $100.
Wanted: Computers and Educational Software

Our old 486 computers are starting to wear out. Some of them have served us since the 1990's! Back then we purchased nearly 100 educational games that came on floppy disks. Those were the days. Now with the Pentium computers we need to use CD-ROM's because our old software is outdated.

If you are replacing a computer or your child has outgrown his or her software, keep us in mind. We need to update several rooms. Thank you to Gina Warner for the new computer in the Trailblazer Room.

Please do not back out of the parking lot. On coming traffic will not expect a car to back out of our entrance. Keep in mind that if an accident occurs at the entrance in all likelihood a child may be a passenger! Be safe!
Centerville Child Development Center offers infant, toddler, preschool and school age programs designed to meet the individual needs of the developing child. CCDC is located in the center of Washington Township and Centerville just off State Route 725.
The Itty Bitty Programs serve serve newborn infants and maintain a maximum child/staff ratio of 5:1 with a maximum group size of five. The Adventurers and Performers Programs for toddlers maintain maximum child/staff ratio of 7:1 with a maximum group size of 14. The Pioneer Transitional Room serves students 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 with a ratio of 8:1. The Trailblazers Programs serve preschooler age 3-4 with an average child/staff ratio of 12:1 and a maximum group size of 24. A CCDC Navigators or Challengers pre-kindergarten class for children ages 4 or 5 is available with a maximum child/staff ratio of 14:1 and a maximum group size of 28. The Eagles Program for morning preschool classes is available for children 3-5 with a maximum child/staff ratio 0f 12:1 and a maximum group of 24. The Afterschool program, Jackrabbits and Wildcats, serves school children through age 12 with a maximum child/staff ratio of 18:1 and a maximum group size of 36.


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